Widowed mothers and grandmothers are often left in very poor conditions to care for the children under their care. AOO takes care of several widows each month through our AOO Widow’s Outreach Program. Monthly visits are made by our orphanage staff to minister to the widows and the children (sometimes orphans) under their care. Funds are delivered along with medical care and bags of food.

Read about the Widow’s Outreach Program and a widow’s story.

AOO Outreach programs

AOO Widow’s Outreach Program

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For orphans that have graduated from high school and our AOO Sponsorship Program we offer furthering educational support opportunities for them through AOO College Fund Scholarships. An education for an orphaned child is a very treasured gift in Kenya and receiving a college education can increase the young adults chances of getting a career job that pays four times or more, as the average worker in rural Kenya. Many of the older orphans are wanting to give back to the orphanage with their talents and skills.

Read about Lucy a recent AOO College Fund Scholarship Student.

AOO College Fund

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The children’s  choir reaches out to the unsaved of Western Kenya by sharing music and testimonies at schools, crusades, and church events.  The Ushindi Children's Choir, started in 2006, by Gentry King, an American missionary who served with AOO at the orphanages in Kenya, and church youth pastor and teacher, Francis Anzika. Anzika has continued as the choir director and raised up teams of the choirs to perform all over Western Kenya sharing their inspirational songs they wrote and their testimonies to other orphans and the lost. The choir has had three CD's, which are available upon request.

Read about the Choir Outreaches.

Orphan’s Children’s Choir

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Children’s Christmas Gift Fund

Every fall AOO has a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the Children's Christmas Gift Fund, which provides a gift of new clothing and a special Christmas meal to all of the orphans in our AOO Sponsorship Program. Sponsors and supporters give so that a $20 worth of clothing and a meal can be purchased for each child. The kids are always so grateful as they love new clothes and many times this is their only new set of clothing each year, a part from their school uniforms.

Read what the kids have to say about the AOO Children’s Christmas Gift Fund.

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All of these photos are those who our supporters help through our programs.

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