Orphan College Fund

 Your donation goes to sending our orphans to higher education programs.

with no part taken out for administrative costs.


An education for an orphaned child is a very treasured gift in Kenya and receiving a college education can increase the young adult's chances of getting a career job that pays four times or more than the average worker in rural Kenya.

For orphans that have graduated from high school and our AOO Sponsorship Program we offer furthering educational support opportunities for them through AOO College Fund Scholarships.

A college education is encouraged by their dreams of being able to  give back orphanage with their talents and skills. 

Here's How You Can Help Us Send the Orphans in Our Programs to College:

  • You can make a contribution online, specifying your financial gift to the 'Orphan College Fund' 


  • Each year, the money collected into this fund will be designated to the colleges our orphans graduating from high school are able to attend.   



AOO is a registered 501c (3) nonprofit organization in California, and all donations are tax deductible.