Widow's Minisrty

Your donation goes to relieve widowed mothers and grandmothers who are struggling to provide care for their children.

with no part taken out for administrative costs.


AOO is a registered 501c (3) nonprofit organization in California, and all donations are tax deductible.


In many cases, women who have lost their husbands to HIV/AIDS are left in extremely desperate situations. The poor condition they find themselves in greatly affects their financial ability to provide the care needed for their own children to grow into healthy, educated, adults.   

AOO has developed a solution that aims to provide relief for the widowed mothers and grandmothers struggling to give the children in their own homes the same opportunities and care that our sponsored orphans receive.  

AOO takes care of several widows each month through our AOO Widow’s Outreach Program. Monthly visits are made by our orphanage staff to minister to the widows and the children (sometimes orphans) under their care. Funds are delivered along with medical care and bags of food.

How You Can Help Us Provide for These Women:

  • You can make a contribution online, specifying your financial gift to the 'Widow's Ministry' 


  • The donations we receive for this program are collected each month. Our Orphanage and Ministry staff use the donations designated for this program to purchase the necessary food and resources each Kenyan woman supported by this program needs for their own, their children or their grandchildren's health and well being. 


  • The resources are delivered to these women by our staff, along with medical care and prayer support.