Cover the Kenyan People and our AOO Staff in Prayer.

We need prayers for strength and wisdom. We need prayers for provision and protection. Please pray for the Kenyan people — for salvation and restoration with God. Pray for the little children —that they would know God’s love and experience it. Never underestimate what your prayers can and will do!


A foundational strength of AOO is our staff, a group of mature believers who pass on life-transforming wisdom on a daily basis. These men and women mentor, encourage, challenge, and live life alongside the children, young adults, and families God is allowing us to invest in.

We would love for groups of people to come alongside our staff to encourage and uplift them in prayer. Would your Bible study group claim a staff member? Would your entire church pray consistently for our staff—or, maybe multiple staff members for different groups (Sunday School classes, small groups, youth groups, etc.)?